1. Mass Sales Tax ID
2. Load In
3. Shipping to the Westin — Don’t!
4. Dealers Room Hours — Please let me know if you can’t make all of them!
5. Galleria Security
6. Load Out

1.  As previous years, we are required to report your Massachusetts Sales Tax ID to the state.  If you haven’t already, please acquire one by going to this website:  If you’d rather register with an Employer ID # and don’t already have one, you can select the IRS EIN Assistant: to acquire an EIN, and then go through the registration process.  Note that this website is down late at night and for much of the time on weekends for backups.

If you are a tax exempt entity, please give us your Tax Exempt ID.
If you anticipate your Tax obligation to be $0 (ie, you only sell clothes under $175), please get a sales tax ID ANYWAY.  The state still wants to know your total sales even if no tax is due.

2.  Load In.  Load in will be available starting at noon on Friday except by prior arrangement.  I can schedule loading dock access for you before that, but I need to know in advance!  There are several paths to the dealers room from the loading dock and the best path may not be the most obvious, so please check in with me at 781-929-6913 when you arrive.

3.  Shipping to the Westin. Although it is non-obvious on their website, on their Hotel Amenities page they say

“*Fees apply for the sending and receiving of packages at The Westin Boston Waterfront hotel.  Fees are assessed based on size and weight of the package and are levied by our 3rd party Business Center operator.”

The package receiving prices are here: ($16.95 for 6-20 lbs).

Don’t be struck by sticker shock with respect to the prices assessed by the Westin’s 3rd party package receiving program.  I strongly recommend that you mail your packages to a nearby UPS station or to a friend if the prices on the above web page seem high.

The closest UPS station to the Westin Boston Waterfront is 0.4 miles from the Westin at 647 B Summer Street, Boston, MA.  Their phone number is (800) 742-5877.  They are CLOSED on Saturday and Sunday, but open for pickup until 8pm on both Thursday and Friday.

4.  Dealers Room Hours.  The Dealers room will be open Friday 5 PM to 8 PM, Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM, and Sunday 10 AM to 3 PM.  We will open the room to you and your staff by 9:30 on Saturday and Sunday morning so that you can uncover and set up your table before opening.  If you will not be able to be set up by Friday at 5, or if you need to leave before Sunday at 3, *please* let me know as soon as possible.

Boskone 53 is offering “Free Friday Hours” to the public from 2pm to 6pm. This will include access to the Dealers Room starting at 5pm, so I strongly recommend that you be ready to open by 5pm

5.  Galleria Security.  We will have overnight security Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.  Be aware, however that the Dealers Room is in the same room as the Con Suite and other areas that are open later than Dealers.

6.  Load Out. Please be loaded out by midnight Sunday night.  We will not have security after 3pm on Sunday.  Sunday afternoon and evening will be busy so please don’t leave vehicles on the dock unless you are actively loading.  Dock elevator use is first come first served.

Thanks for reading!

— Sharon Sbarsky
Boskone 53 Dealers’ Liaison