Craig Miller is a well-known and respected writer/producer with over 300 credits.  He has worked in live-action and animation, written scripts, developed series, pitched to studios and networks, produced, cast, approved storyboards, character designs, and animation – the entire gamut of what goes into creating, selling, and producing a TV series.

Miller received degrees in Child Development and Social Psychology before becoming involved with the entertainment industry.  For the next several years, he worked as an executive and consultant in publicity, marketing, and licensing for Lucasfilm, Warner Bros., Universal, Disney, Columbia, Henson Associates, and others.  His work included the films Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Excalibur, Superman II, Altered States, The Dark Crystal, The Wicker Man, The Muppets Take Manhattan, Splash, My Science Project, Real Genius and many more.

But for most of his career, Miller has been writing, developing, and producing for television, films, and games.  His career includes working directly with creative forces of nature such as George Lucas and Jim Henson and on every kind of project from a syndicated magic special to Sesame Street.  This has provided him with broad-based experience including industrial films, movie trailers, stage productions, and the areas which have occupied most of his time and efforts: animation that ranges from Curious George and The Smurfs to Beast Wars and The Real Ghostbusters and live-action series such as Showtime’s horror series The Hunger and the science fiction adventure series Resistance.

The majority of Miller’s work has been for the children’s, tween, and teen/young adult market.  His 104 episode TV series Pocket Dragon Adventures was a finalist for the Humanitas Prize and was seen seven days a week on the BBC and in over 125 countries around the world.  His writing in this arena has run the gamut from action-adventure projects like G.I. Joe and Beast Wars to comedy-adventure series like The Real Ghostbusters to softer shows such as The Smurfs.  He spent three years writing the multiple-Emmy-winning Curious George for PBS.  For that series, the first several DVD releases are each titled and themed after his episodes and new Curious George books have been written based on his scripts.

Recent work includes developing and writing for: Resistance, a live-action science fiction adventure series; Fortune Teller, a live-action fantasy adventure that’s a mixture of Vampire Diaries and Game of Thrones; Playtime Buddies, an animated pre-school series; Basketeers, an animated sports-themed adventure series; Grandpa’s Robot, a new series for Latin America; Cheddar Man & the Mysteries of Food, an animated educational series developed for a food channel; Wingin’ It, an animated comedy-music series based on a country singer’s children’s book; two series – Majid and Karamella – created and produced for the Middle East, and Pet Parade, a series for the web.

Miller has worked on games as well, including consulting on the story, characters, and gameplay for a game created for the international charity WarChild to use in helping former child soldiers and child refuges traumatized by war in their home-countries acclimate back to a world where people work together and find non-violent solutions.  He’s also written comics for DC, Disney, and others, including adapting the manga title Cobra for the US market.

His work is in demand outside the U.S. as well.  For CCTV, the official Chinese television network, he co-developed and wrote episodes of the animated series Flute Master (soon to be released on DVD in the US).  Flute Master has been a major hit in China, playing to over 265 million viewers.  Additionally, he’s worked with production companies and channels in China, Australia, Latin America, Italy, France, Israel, Dubai, and elsewhere around the world, developing and writing both live-action and animated series.

Miller is also a popular speaker on writing and has done so in many different parts of the world.  He has been a guest speaker on creating characters, crafting stories, writing dialog, and developing programming for animation and games at such international events as the Annecy Animation Festival in France, Cartoons on the Bay / The International Conference on Television Animation in Italy, and the Interactive Entertainment Festival in Scotland, and Orbit Live in Mumbai, India, as well as for events in the U.S. including NATPE; KidScreen Summit; and the World Animation Summit, as well as Comic Con in San Diego; the World Science Fiction Convention; and many other events.

He’s lectured at UCLA and Columbia College and taught classes for the Art Institute of California and Woodbury University.  Comments from his students on anonymous surveys administered by the colleges ranged from the prosaic “He is very experienced and very good at explaining concepts to students” to the extravagant heights of “Craig kicked ass and this class was fucking awesome,” “This was the only class I actually attended every week,” and “Add more weeks to the semester!  This class rocks!”

Miller was a consultant to the Washington D.C. Implementation Group on developing the rating system for children’s television in the United States and was the sole scriptwriter invited to take part in a multi-day seminar of academics, researchers, and top network & studio executives gathered to develop guidelines for creating television programming for children.  He was also one of the creators and an active participant in the Writers Guild of America’s Literacy Project, putting professional writers into public schools to work with teachers and their classes on a recurring basis, to encourage reading and writing.

Miller is a member of the Writers Guild of America (for which he chairs the Animation Writers Caucus), the Writers Guild of Canada, and the Television Academy (where he has been an Emmy Judge for several years).  He also leads Professional Development for the organization Women In Animation and has been a judge for ASIFA’s Annie Awards.