The Boskone Dealers Room provides a varied shopping experience. Our attendees are fans of science fiction and fantasy, but we also have readers of literary hard science fiction, writers in the genre, and science enthusiasts.

Please note that we are using a different process this year for registering tables in the Dealers Room. This new process streamlines the table reservation process, allowing dealers to make their space requests through the Boskone/NESFA store in one easy and convenient step. You can now submit your request for space in the Dealers Room Tables.

CLICK to: Reserve your table in the Dealers Room.

Space in the Boskone Dealers Room usually sells out. So, please be sure to process your table request by December 1st since we cannot guarantee that space will be available beyond that date. If you are unable to process your space request online for any reason, please contact

Convention & Dealers Room Location:
Boskone is held in the Westin Waterfront in Boston, MA. The Dealers Room is located in the Galleria, which also features the Art Show, DragonsLair, the Boskone Office, and the Con Suite. Access for load-in is located on the same level as the Galleria and includes a covered loading dock that accommodates large trucks as well as a load lifter to the dock level for personal vehicles.

Space Availability & Payment Deposit:
Space assignments are subject to 1) space availability, 2) payment received in full at time of request, and 3) the best over-all balance of merchandise for the convention, at our discretion. Paying the space deposit at time of reservation does not guarantee a table assignment in the Dealers Room. If we are unable to provide space to you after all reservations have been received, we will refund your deposit immediately unless you ask to be placed upon the waiting list. Please keep in mind that your location and Table Tier pricing are based on your merchandise description.

Space Confirmations:
The Boskone Dealers Room is “balanced” through a careful review of the merchandise descriptions provided by the dealers in their space request. Since we usually receive more requests than can be filled, we will let you know as soon as possible in December if we are able to fulfill your space request. Please note that you may be asked to take a smaller space than you requested (with a refund). If the merchandise you bring doesn’t match the description you provide, we will adjust your table costs or refuse to allow you to sell at Boskone without a refund, at our discretion.

Dealers Room Waiting List:
We keep a short waiting list for dealers who do not receive space in our Dealers Room. If you do not want to be wait-listed, we will refund your table fees (and memberships, if you so request).

If you are unable to attend Boskone and need to cancel your space, we will refund your reservation fee if your space can be resold. Refunds will be processed as soon as possible. The deadline for dealer registration is December 1, 2017. Confirmations will be sent out by the end of December.

Program Participants & Book Sales:
Boskone generally features approximately 100+ authors in addition to the artists, filkers, publishers and others who participate in our program. Many of these authors are unable to see their books onsite and depend upon our dealers to stock their books, if possible, so that fans have something to purchase prior to the scheduled autographing sessions. As program participants are confirmed, they will be regularly added to the Boskone website located at

Convention Memberships:
All dealers, including their staff and family, are required to buy Boskone memberships in addition to their table space. Adult memberships are $55 until mid-January. Student (grades K-12) and college rates are available; kids-in-tow (under 6) are free. If you do not receive table space, your memberships will be refunded upon request.

If you have mixed merchandise (e.g., shirts and books), calculate how much space you’ll be using for each type of merchandise per table and purchase tables according to that. If you have only a very small amount of merchandise in a particular item, you do not need to include it when pricing (but do mention it on the reservation form). If you have a dizzying variety of merchandise, price it all as Tier C. If your situation is incredibly complex, write (or email) us with your telephone number for advice (contact information is at the end of this letter).

Table Rates:
Boskone features a 3-tiered rate structure for dealer space requests. All tables are 6 feet long and 30 inches wide.  If you have specific needs for behind-table space, please note it on your application. Two chairs and 2 tablecloths are included with each table requested.

  •    TIER A, $40: Low-priced (no more than 1/2 cover price or $3) books, magazines, fanzines
  •    TIER B, $70: All other SF/F books, magazines, fan publications, filk, and related art (prints)
  •    TIER C, $100: Everything else (jewelry, clothing, sculpture, buttons, video, games, etc.)
CLICK to: Reserve your table in the Dealers Room.

In addition to knowing what Tier Table(s) you would like to purchase, there is some additional information that we will need to know about your business and your space requirements, including:

  • Company Name
  • Website URL
  • Massachusetts Tax ID #
  • Description of Merchandise
  • If space is not available, do you want to be placed upon the waiting list?
  • Location requests: walls, corners, islands, or straight spaces
  • Set up configuration other than table surface such as backdrops, ceiling hangings, displays, bookcases, etc.
  • Any other special information.

Dealers are not allowed to sublet to or share their assigned space unless you receive permission from Boskone. Fire codes will be strictly enforced, which means that no obstructions are allowed in the main aisles or in the aisles between tables. Violations may result in a fine from Boston Fire Department inspectors. We reserve the right to restrict any display that could result in a violation. Please note that the Dealer’s room is non-smoking.

Hotel Reservations:
Please make your hotel reservations directly with the Westin Waterfront Hotel through our Boskone website at Table space does not guarantee a hotel room. Our room block sells out every year. So, please make your hotel reservation (if needed) as soon as possible. Parking is $46/day valet or $36/day self-parking (vehicle height is limited to 6 feet); there is less expensive parking in satellite lots nearby. You may be able to find metered on-street parking, which is free after 8:00 pm, provided there is no snow emergency.

Convention Hours & Load In/Out Time:

Set-up: Friday 12noon to 5pm
Open: Friday 5pm – 8pm
Saturday 10am – 6pm
Sunday 10am – 3pm
Teardown: Sunday 3pm – 6pm

We are able to offer Thursday night move-in to a limited number of dealers who make this special request in advance. We will advise you if early move in is possible.

Massachusetts Sales Tax:
Massachusetts has a 6.25% sales tax on all items except clothing, dated material (magazines), and food, which you must collect, report and pay directly to the Commonwealth’s Department of Revenue. (For sales tax reporting, you must register with the MA DOR on-line at (click on the “WebFile for Business” quicklink in the right-side menu bar) or call 617-887-6367 for telefile instructions.) We are now required to confirm that you have registered with the DOR by collecting the tax ID number they assign you.

This letter covers a huge amount of information. Please look for your table confirmation in late December. If you have further questions, or if you processed your space request but do not receive a response by early January, feel free to contact Boskone at:
Boskone 55 Dealers Room
PO Box 809
Framingham, MA 01701